Attitude. Mindset. Positive Self Talk.

This week I want to talk about and address your attitude towards fitness and workouts. This is something that as a coach I see athletes struggle with day-in and day-out. Your attitude can make all the difference when it comes to your success in your fitness journey. I want to go over attitude, mindset, and self talk.

First we will go over your attitude. Let’s first define what the word attitude truly means. According to, “Attitude is defined as "a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person's behavior." I love this definition because it says a subtle way of thinking about something that is typically reflected in your behavior. Tell me this if you've ever seen someone that had a bad attitude about working out or fitness, does it not show in how they behave and act? Most of the time it's incredibly unpleasant to be around that person. Have you ever sat down and truly evaluated your attitude towards every workout you do and your fitness journey? Something I notice at competitions is when there is an athlete that smiles through a workout no matter how "bad" it is or what the workout is, it gets people talking! It rubs off on everyone and brings the entire attitude of the place to a positive one. Likewise, the same happens when an athlete stomps around, is upset, or complains about a certain movement or workout. I want to challenge you to change your way of thinking on the subject of workouts and fitness to be a very positive one. Whether you 100% feel that way or not, it will sink in for you and become your subtle way of thinking. Then through that, your behavior will follow and you will see positive results all the way around!

Once you have your attitude set, you can then have a mindset. Merriam Webster defines mindset as "a mental attitude or inclination,  a state of mind." Therefore once you have your attitude towards fitness you can decide to make it a state of mind therefore a mindset. Most of us will start out with a fixed state of mind where we have one opinion about fitness, whether good or bad. What you want to develop is a growth state of mind. This is where you can take what you've learned about fitness and workout and continue to grow a positive and well educated state of mind (mindset) about them both. 

Last is learning about self talk and how to have positive self talk. A lot of us during a workout or before we even leave to go will start to tell ourselves, "I don't want to do that workout." "I don't feel like going today." "I know this is going to suck." The list can go on and on. Little do you know, this is negative self talk that will reflect during your workout that day and over your entire fitness career. It's the same when it comes to eating right and getting enough sleep. I highly challenge you the next time you don't want to do something, think you can't, think it will suck, etc... to either out loud or inside, speak positivity over the situation or thought. For example, if you are terrified of a workout with running because you hate it and don't think you can do it I want you to repeat over and over "I can do this, I like running, I am good at running." You can also practice positive self talk through positive visualization. Next time you have to hit a 1 rep max or have to do a workout like Murph take the time before hand to picture yourself completing the workout or lift and doing it just how you want to. Close your eyes and visualize it over and over again then have some internal or external positive self talk "I can and will do this" then give it a go! I guarantee you will get that lift, get a better, time or have a better attitude about the whole thing even if it's not perfect. 

Sometimes we have to step back and really evaluate how are thinking is towards things. It affects us, our family, friends, and everyone around us. Having a bad attitude, mindset, and negative self talk can be one of the hardest habits to break because most of the time we don't even realize we're doing it. Take the time this week to really evaluate yourself and put these things into place. Do this for one week solid and I bet you will begin to see a dramatic change in this area of your life as well as others!