Fit or Frustrated Pregnancy (Click and scroll to bottom to leave comments or questions)

So today I want to talk about fitness during pregnancy and some of the frustrations that can come with it. Before I ever got pregnant I remember thinking "I am going to stay incredibly fit, eat healthy, and be like Miranda Alcaraz (@fearlessmiranda on IG). I watched her exercise, compete in The Open, and maintain an incredibly healthy, fit pregnancy. Well once I got pregnant let me tell you my dreams were not 100% reality for me.

During my first trimester I decided I would continue to workout as I had been because the Doctor said it was okay. I bought the Pregnant and Postpartum program from Briana Battles (@brianna.battles on IG). I thought I was all set to have an amazing fit pregnancy. Unfortunately at about 8 weeks a had a fair amount of bleeding and pain at which point my doctor told me that I had to stop working out until after the first trimester. Along with that I was sick and didn't want to eat anything! I lost almost 10lbs in my first trimester. I remember that after our 12 week ultrasound and all was well I had the all clear to start working out again. I was so excited and was in the gym the next day. It kicked my butt! Things hurt that I didn't know existed, I was incredibly winded and I was hardly working out. To me it was a huge disappointment and felt like a giant set back. All that being said things never really went up from there. I started working out 3 days a week because I felt that was all my body could take. I did that regimen with very low impact and intensity. Once The Open came around I decided I would stick to doing very scaled versions. Well after 18.2 I felt I had another set back. I did a very scaled version but woke up the next morning with severe leg cramps, pains, and feet very very swollen. After that I came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth it to push so hard even if that wasn't pushing for me. Now I stick to being as active as I can and doing simple workouts once or twice a week. It can sometimes be incredibly frustrating to watch some pregnant athletes still crushing it but I have to remember every pregnancy is different. 

I say all of that because sometimes in out fitness careers things won't be as we dreamed or expected. Whether it's pregnancy, injury, or just starting it can be very frustrating. I want to take the time to encourage you to not stop or give up just because you're in a temporary phase of life. Injuries will heal, if your pregnant you will have your baby, and if you're just starting you only have forward to go from here. It's okay to be frustrated or upset at times but do not let yourself live there. For me I just remind myself that I'm putting my child first and that's all that matters because once he's here and I'm healed I can take the time to get back to where I was and better! The same can be said for having an injury or starting your fitness journey. Look forward and look up because that's the only place you have to go. Don't let the frustration of where you are right now, block you from what the future has for you!!