First ever blog and thoughts on 18.1 (Click here if you wish to leave a comment then scroll to the bottom)

Well hello world. First off I want to let you all know that I am not good at grammar when it comes to typing so please give me some grace. Second is that some of these will be health and workout related and some may just be me talking about life topics. I was very hesitant to ever even write something because I didn't want to do it out of seeking attention. I also debated doing a vlog because I had people tell me that no one wants to read anymore but I'm old school so blogging it is. My biggest hope with this blog is that it will help you in some way or form in life. Whether it provides you with a laugh, something relatable to talk about, or gives you advice for fitness and health, whatever the case I just hope it brings you some joy to read. 

In this first blog I wanted to kick it off by talking about The Open and 18.1! The Open is something that is so exciting because it only happens once a year. I love it because I know that I will be doing the same workout as the best in the world. I find it fun to look at my score compared to theirs and just see how amazing of an athlete they are. I think there is a lot of hype and fear around The Open because it is a worldwide competition but let me start off by saying the best thing you can do is decide to compete and view it as you against you! You are your biggest enemy. If you've decided to compete I want you to set your ego aside and focus on beating yourself. We all know that we let self doubt and fear creep in, or we aren't humble enough to be okay with not being the greatest.

Side note about "not being the greatest" is that this year I had to put my ego in check and humbly decide to not register for The Open. Being that I'm 20 weeks pregnant does not mean I can't workout but it does mean that I need to modify. There are so many theories out there about whats appropriate and what isn't for fitness during pregnancy. I will start off by saying that my baby's health is my number one priority. I had a miscarriage about 6 years ago for unknown causes but I will tell you after that I never looked at pregnancy the same again. It is one of the biggest gifts and miracles in life period. I can confidentially say that I will do anything and everything to keep this baby safe and healthy. I was unable to workout for the first 2 months of this pregnancy due to doctors orders so that changed things a lot. I now workout but they are very modified and I do not push myself to a limit I know I shouldn't be at. With all of that being said working out has been hard mentally because I want to push myself past my limits. When it came time for The Open to start that was a tough pill to swallow because I know I didn't even want to do scaled for the baby's health. I decided that I was going to put my ego aside and do my best for The Open. Thanks to training programs from Briana Battles the focus of my workouts consist of health for my baby, pelvic floor, and abdominal health (sorry for the side track on lady stuff guys). With all of that being said when I did my pregnant version of 18.1 it consisted of box push-ups, light hang DB clean and jerks, and rowing. Lots of modifications but it is the best of me right now in my stage of life so who's to say I'm not the greatest with what I've been given. I say all of that because I want you to know that no matter what stage of life you're in whether pregnant, postpartum, injured, older, "out of shape" whatever you can make The Open work for you! (If you're a pregnant athlete and have any questions please feel free to ask away in the comments and I will answer to the best of my ability or point you in the direction of someone who can give you the answer you need)

If you haven't registered I highly recommend you do so because why not? What's the worst that could possibly happen? Well I'll tell you the worst that could happen is you don't do as well as you want. Then from there you should get up, recognize your weaknesses, and move forward! I hope this blog isn't too far off the beaten path and I hope it gives you things to think about as an athlete man or woman. Please feel free to leave comments with questions or anything really. This is just a place for all of us to be as real as possible and help each other out.